Blansdowne - 4

My name is Ramanan Sivarnajan. This is a small photo project on the area I live in, the neighbourhood centred around the intersection of Bloor and Lansdowne. Technically this neighbourhood is called Bloordale, a name I think came from our local BIA. The name Bloordale definitely doesn't suit the area, which is certainly more than a little too seedy for a flowery name like Bloordale. Some time ago I started referring to the area as Blansdowne.

This site collects my photographs of Blansdowne. Hopefully they illustrate a few things: what the area is like; what the area used to be like; that the area is changing; what role if any I play in this change. (As of right now, I think my pictures might make the area look more gritty than it actually is. They also might not be that good.)

The home page displays the most recent pictures I've put online. I hope to collect these into a more cohesive body of work. You can see how that is going by looking at the sets of images i've made using my photographs. I'm still trying to decide what to photograph, whether to use film or digital, colour or black and white, etc. This is all very much a work in progress.

You can browse through the photos on this site using the 'j' and 'k' keys on your keyboard. 'j' will advance to the next photo (and if needed the next page) and 'k' will move to the previous photo (and if needed the previous page). This is similar to what you might have seen in use on the Boston Globe's The Big Picture site, or in Gmail while browsing through your emails.

This site is powered by a webapp I wrote to run IMG VQVZ, a front-end to my Flickr account. All the photos you see here are hosted on Flickr.

Everything here is copyright Ramanan Sivaranjan 2009.